Nowadays, having an internet connection is as basic a utility as water or electricity. Each day we are more and more dependent on this service for many day to day activities… Catching up on the news, online shopping, watching tv, gaming, medical appointments, banking, social media, these are just some of the many uses.

That is why it is important to take precautions when contracting such an important service… especially as it can have unexpected consequences for you.

Telecable Internet Providers
Telecable Internet Providers

For this reason, we offer a series of recommendations to take into account before contracting a new internet service.

-Before making any decision, check with your current provider which services you already have and the conditions. We know for example that Telecable have twice raised the internet speeds to all their clients without raising prices, and that many clients are unaware of the increase in their bandwidth. Another example is that often they have new services that can fit your current needs better, and may be a better match than the new offer.

– Verify the transparency of the company making the offer. Unfortunately not all companies or agents play fair or are trustworthy. In the majority of cases they push misleading offers that later turn into a costly service, sometimes with hidden charges not explained when selling you on the product.

-We are also aware that on occasions, other providers initially promise to assume any debt or penalty fee for early cancellation of a contract that the client may have with their current provider, or that they will deal with cancelling the existing service for the client, in exchange for changing over to them. Promises that they later do not respect, and which result in the client having to pay for these costs.

-Check the opinions of other clients before signing up, on Google or social media, or with neighbors or friends who have or have had service with these providers.  If they don´t have any Google reviews, ask yourself why!

At a time when information is just a click away, it is easy to check these matters. Trust the opinion of those around you and check with your current provider as to the current conditions of your contract before committing to a change. We end with a final thought:  “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.”