By Andrew Atkinson

A SAMU emergency ambulance had to make a diversion – after a road was blocked with tables and chairs in Torrevieja – to attend to a female who had lost consciousness at home.

The ambulance headed to Calle Zoa, at the intersection with Pedro Lorca, only to find the road blocked at the popular terrace – with customers dining at 50-plus tables.

The SAMU ambulance had to divert, via Pedro Lorca Street, María Parodi, Vista Alegre; de la Libertad promenade and return through Ramón y Cajal to access Moriones.

Despite the delay medics were successful in reviving the female patient, who was transferred to Torrevieja Hospital in a critical condition.

Another incident occurred in the same vicinity – following a fire caused by an electrical fault.

Customers and waiters had to remove the chairs and tables for firefighters to extinguish the fire. The Local Police were in attendance.

Torrevieja City Council has authorised – in exceptional cases – some roadblocks, in response to the situation of the hospitality sector being hit during the coronovirus outbreak.

However, most of the requests have been rejected following reports by the Local Police, due to risks, underlined by the two emergency incidents.

All requests to close roads were reportedly rejected in Pedro Lorca Street, María Parodi, San Gabriel and a road in the Plaza del Calvario.