Mojácar is the summer destination for many holidaymakers, who decide on this locality to enjoy its beaches and its leisure time offer.

A location which is undoubtedly a national and international tourism reference point, it is also the downtime spot for many famous people: sportsmen and women, artists and politicians, who choose Mojácar for their holidays.

In the case of the Márquez brothers: world motorcycle champions Marc and Alex, who for the last five years have taken a break from their hectic routines, temporarily putting competition and training to one side to have a few days off in search of a well-deserved rest.

Just like any other tourists, Alex and Marc Márquez, along with some of their friends from the competition and those they already have in Mojácar, have enjoyed the municipality’s beaches, its cuisine and its entertainment venues.

Motorcycle racer Marc Márquez, at 28 years old competes in the Moto GP category. He has won eight Motorcycle World Champion titles in three different categories:125cc, Moto2 and six times in MotoGP. At the present time he is the best rider in the history of motorcycling.

His brother, Alex Márquez, also currently races in the premier category of motorcycling, MotoGP, and has won two world titles.

Two international figures, who at the top of their profession, have for some time picked Mojácar to “recharge their batteries” ahead of the following season.