Carp-R-Us fished the second round of its mini-series on the Rio Segura downstream of the CV91 road bridge.

Like many other places on the Segura, without constant work the pegs quickly become overgrown but the fishing on the stretch often makes it worthwhile.

The other problem with this stretch is the varying water levels, between the Wednesday when the venue was checked and the day of the match the water dropped a foot. Sadly, one other thing that may also be as problem, is that several the dreaded Blue Crabs were caught, five by one angler.

We thought these had disappeared from the river, but today they were back with a vengeance.

The match itself was won by Steve Fell with 8.09kg from peg 6 caught using pole and bread tight to the far bank.

Second in the next-door peg was Willie Moons who had 4.04kg using his usual feeder and pellet tactics.

Third was Roy Buttress one peg 1, just above the inlet, who managed 3.48kg on feeder and corn as well as five crabs. Fourth was Tony Flett with 1.23kg from the same peg as he had 18 fish from the previous day, showing just how much the river can change overnight.

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