A second anti Muslim attack has been made last week in the Murcia town of Cabezo de Torres when a mosque was vandalised in the latest anti-Muslim attack on Wednesday night.

Only last month a Moroccan man was brutally murdered in the southeastern Spanish region.

The mosque was only opened in 2018, but in the attack last Wednesday it was covered in spray-paint with the phrases “no to Islam,” “stop the invasion” and “Spain’s sovereignty cannot be negotiated.”

The vandals also left a pig’s head outside the mosque with a knife jutting from the skull.

In an area of Murcia that is the home to one of Spain’s largest Muslim populations this is the latest in a long series of xenophobic attacks on the immigrant population.

The vandals also left a pig’s head outside the mosque with a knife jutting from the skull.

In June a Moroccan immigrant, Younes Bilal, was shot dead at point blank range while he was sitting, drinking coffee with friends. The attacker, a Spanish veteran, shot Bilal after berating him and other people at the cafe with racist insults.

A week earlier a Moroccan employee at a local company was also attacked, allegedly by a co worker, who was subsequenty fired for the assault.

The incident was allegedly caused when a boss told the Spanish co worker “This Moor is a better worker than you,” referring to Koutaibi.

The remark so angered the man that he began beating Koutaibi with an iron bar, fracturing his skull, resulting in him going into a coma. His family insists it was a racist attack as he remains in critical condition.

There have also been a number of other racist attacks on immigrants and buildings of worship in the area while Spain’s central government continues to remain mostly silent on the continued assaults.



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