Orihuela welcomed 24 unemployed workers from the municipality last week who will carry out information and support tasks on the Orihuela Costa beaches this summer.

The appointments were carried out through the LABORA / AVSRE Auxiliares de Playas Employment program aimed at young people over 18 years of age and under 30.

Councillor Valverde explained that “we have received a grant of 107,000 euros, to which we have added 51,000 euros from council funds. The contracts are for three months, Monday to Sunday across a number of different shift patters. They will each undergo an online training course where they will learn about tourism and essential lifeguard issues. They are all fully aware of their functions and their duties”.

The beach attendants will carry out COVID-19 information tasks, as well as providing information on access control and capacity of the beaches, ensuring compliance with the measures contained in the Ministry of Health regulations and Safety and Rescue plans.

They will also assist in matters of emergencies and civil protection as well as informing the Local Police of incidents or actions carried out during the working day.