Are you an online casino owner or thinking of being one? Do you think running an online sportsbook would be your forte? To make the process of starting an online casino business easier, there are ready-to-use solutions available in the market.

Starting an online casino is not an easy task. It can take months just to understand the whole concept if you are new to digital marketing. However, with ready-made software like Turnkey casino software, it only takes a few hours to get the job done.

Here is everything else you need to know about turnkey casino solution for running a successful online gambling business.

About Turnkey Online Casino and Sportsbook Solution

Turnkey is a software used for creating online casinos and sportsbooks. This ready-made solution can help you start your online casino and sportsbook business within 48 hours.

A turnkey casino solution provides a ready-to-use platform for online casinos, sportsbooks, live casinos, live betting casinos, and even virtual sports betting. You can either choose to use one of these solutions or all of them. It has software for each of its solutions that can be used to your advantage.

Perks of Using Turnkey

There are certain advantages of using turnkey software. These include:

  • No setup fees
  • Amazon cloud infrastructure to store your website data
  • Personal manager to provide you with prioritized and constant customer support
  • Free demo
  • Implementation in just 48 hours
  • Round the clock customer support All in one platform
  • Equipped with artificial intelligence
  • Supports major games and feed providers
  • Personalized branding
  • Supports a wide range of payment methods

Turnkey includes all gaming integrations. That is, your online casino website will be able to provide a sports betting facility, live casinos, slot machine games, sportsbook feature, and more.


Under its free demo, you can choose from its five pre-built templates under light and dark mode. You can choose to see the preview of any of the templates to get you an idea of how your online casino and sportsbook website would look like.

How to Start Using Turnkey Online Casino Software Solution

It is super easy to get started with Turnkey. It involves three simple steps.

  • Contact the turnkey casino solution provider. For example, you can contact NuxGame by emailing them.
  • Discuss terms with them by listing down clients’ needs and requirements
  • Finally, get your platform launched within hours.
  • The process is fast and straightforward and best when you want to eliminate the hassle of creating a website from the start.


We understand that the next important thing to know is the pricing. From the example above, NuxGame provides three products, namely Seamless Wallet API, Turnkey, and Sports Engine.

Turnkey is the most affordable and balanced product of NuxGame. The pricing works on a commission basis. Under Turnkey, the client has to share some % from GGR. The pricing is subject to changes depending on the product characteristics.

For more customizable solutions, one can switch to Sports Engine.


With the present situation where people are allowed to stay indoors, online casinos are favorite places to get rid of boredom. With this, more and more online casinos are joining the iGaming market. Turnkey can help such people out through its online casinos and sportsbook software.

Make the most of this new opportunity as staying indoors is here to stay. Launch your new online casino business with the help of NuxGame gambling products and solutions.