The Generalitat will build six specialty centres, and refurbish 22 hospitals and 50 primary care centres. The announcement was made on Wednesday by the President Ximo Puig who promised an investment of 658 million up to 2023 to improve the health infrastructure of the Valencian Community

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, was also at the announcement as the president highlighted that this plan constitutes “a fundamental guarantee to quality, universal and free public health, so that Valencian women and men, regardless of their social or economic situations, have a guarantee to the highest quality healthcare” .

The president explained that the health system is based on three pillars: health personnel, infrastructure, and technology. Thus, with regard to health personnel, he pointed out the need for a structural increase to take place, so that this pillar “is as robust as possible” because “the most important thing in the system are its medical staff”. He went on to reiterate the recognition and appreciation of the entire society for the “enormous effort made during the pandemic.”

Generalitat to build six specialty hospitals and refurbish 22 more
Generalitat to build six specialty hospitals and refurbish 22 more

Regarding infrastructure, he has indicated that through the plan presented, which will have an expected duration of two and a half years, the Consell resumes the improvement plan that had been postponed due to the pandemic .

On the third pillar, the president stressed that the commitment to technological innovation “is allowing extraordinary progress in the training of professionals to solve many current challenges.”

The Plan contemplates a total of 96 actions in health infrastructures of the Valencian Community, of which 58 will be carried out in primary care centres and 38 in hospitals, with an investment of more than 658.3 million euros, which represents practically quadruple the investment made in the period between 2012-2015.

Of the total number of actions, 34 will be carried out in the province of Alicante, with an investment of 224.7 million euros, that is, 37% of the total investment; 22 in Castellón, with 73.3 million euros, which represents 12% of the investment; and 40 actions in the province of Valencia, which will have 340.3 million euros, that is, 51% of the investment in the plan.

Specifically, the reform and / or expansion of 22 hospitals will be undertaken, as well as the improvement or construction of 50 primary care centres and the construction of 6 new specialty centres, which will add 1,206 beds and 48 new operating rooms.