• Quote: ‘The grandmother, described as in a delicate, physical and mental condition, admitted to hospital, where doctors informed police she had a broken hip’

By Andrew Atkinson

The Alicante National Police have arrested a woman for neglecting the basic needs of her grandmother – an octogenarian who had a broken hip – in Alicante.

Following investigations by the police it was revealed the granddaughter, who lived with her grandmother, was arrested for a crime of domestic violence.

Her grandmother was kept in unsanitary conditions, isolated and neglected said Alicante National Police.

Following the Northern Police Station Response Task Force visiting their home they immediately requested medical assistance.

The grandmother, described as in a delicate, physical and mental condition, was admitted to hospital, where upon examination doctors informed the officers she had a broken hip.

The medics also said the sustained broken hip was not a recent injury and the grandmother also had cuts on her face and bruises on her eyes.

The police investigation of the Family and Women’s Attention Unit revealed the 88-year-old woman regularly suffered from visible bruises.

It was said in recent years the Octogenarian had attempted suicide after repeated episodes of mistreatment between her granddaughter and her partner, who did not comply with the judicial restraining orders issued against her, living at the home of her partner and the elderly woman with him.

It is alleged the granddaughter prevented anyone from visiting her grandmother, and when they did they brought to attention having not changed her diapers, which were dirty.

The grandmother also had ulcers on the hip and side, or accelerated cognitive decline.

It was stated the house was in an unhealthy state with a strong stench of urine, cigarette butts and food on the floor.

Those close to the victim were afraid of possible reprisals that the detainee could commit if they reported her.

Friends said it was common to hear screams and cries coming from the home and that the hygienic conditions were lamentable given the stench that the house.

They were also aware that the detainee was allegedly spending all of her grandmother’s money.

It is alleged the abuser was previously arrested and convicted of mistreating her two children at a young age and was sentenced to prison for over a year.  Currently, the minors are protected by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The grandmother is reported to be in a stable condition, now being under care services, and recovering from injuries suffered.

The granddaughter has been placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court of the Guard.