The question was popped, a ‘yes’ was pronounced, and now is the time to tie the knot. It’s only fitting for a match made in heaven to get hitched in Brisbane where there’s 283 days of sunshine to choose from.

Happy is the bride the sun shines on and in this New World City, 20 degrees is as cold as it gets in winter. You can sleep soundly knowing that the bride will blush and the groom will grin all the way to a golden wedding.

But, the nitty gritties of wedding planning aren’t always sunshine and roses, even in an idyllic setting such as Brisbane. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on how to get hitched headache-free in Brisbane. Read on for more.

Law and Order

The first thing to do is get your legalese right. You wouldn’t want your marriage nullified because you didn’t do some paperwork. Fill in and lodge your notice of intended marriage application form at least a month before the wedding. This must be done with the help of a registered civil celebrant who’ll tell you what documents you need to qualify for marriage.

This person will play a big role; registering your marriage on your behalf and ensuring you’re eligible. In the absence of a celebrant you may sign the application form in front of a qualified witness but at the end of the day the celebrant must still register the marriage for you.

Make sure all the documents are in English; otherwise, certified translations must accompany the originals. An interpreter must serve at your wedding if either parties can’t speak or understand English. Two witnesses of legal age must grace the ceremony as well.

No Place Like Brisbane

So maybe you’re one of those couples that didn’t opt for the Brisbane registry or a Magistrates Court. You’re looking to pick your own ceremonial setting, far from the stiffness of courts and registries. If rustic design gives you the feels, consider the Factory 51 Restaurant in Brisbane.

Only two minutes away from the Broadway Chapel, it’s the perfect balance of convenience and charm. Tucked inside the sound engineered venue, you and your wedding party can dance the night away without worrying the neighbours calling the cops on you. Concerned about catering? The Factory51t team will set it all up and have it cleared before you can say honeymoon.

You’d be doing Brisbane a great injustice if you didn’t include some of its signature dishes. The gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage is iconic to say the least and if you haven’t had handmade Ramen noodles, you haven’t been to Brisbane. Gonuts, a version of cronuts, are widely enjoyed in Brisbane and adding them to your menu will pay homage to this flavour capital of the world. Enjoying High Tea during your rehearsal ceremony will have you feeling like royalty.

Yea or Nay?

Brisbane is bursting with colour, oozing with culture and teeming with activity in the forms of festivals and sports. There are a few things you should know, however, before you buy into the idea of marrying in Brisbane. The CBD pretty much shuts down after 10. Even with 2 million people, late-night activities just don’t seem to be a priority around here.

The Climate

No one can deny the beauty of the subtropical climate in Brisbane. Trees offer refuge to the cutest koalas and dolphins swim gracefully in the waters around Moreton Island.  Be that as it may, some features just don’t sit well with visitors. The Brisbane river; brown in colour, is a sight most people would rather not see.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of sun but Brisbane seems to have a lot of it. Be prepared for temperatures of up to 38 degrees and more if you plan to get married in the summertime. You wouldn’t want make-up melting, or your wedding guests fanning themselves the whole time, would you?

Take The Plunge

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things anyone can be a part of. Weddings are a big deal; they don’t call it your big day for nothing. That’s why it has to be memorable. This is a city that sticks with you. Even when you’re halfway across the world, you take Brisbane with you.