Some good news for our members that will allow friends to ‘meet’ up for a while whilst still remaining safely at home!

The committee has now purchased a Zoom licence that will enable groups within the U3A to have on-line meetings with their members. All that you, the member will need is access to the internet.

Details on how you can join in and take part will be advised by our Media man over the next few weeks. Some details can be found in the February newsletter and on our Facebook Page.

It is hoped that we will be able hold an online meeting in March, in a similar vein as the meetings we used to have at the CMO building. We will have a speaker and up to 100 members will be able to listen in from the comfort of their own easy chairs!

A few of our groups, including Military History and CAD to name but two, have been using this method quite successfully for several months now but the sessions were restictive. However, with this new licence, the groups will be able to have a continuous meeting and can have up to 100 participants taking part.

Barry Weston

Torrevieja U3A Press Officer