• Follow in the footsteps of our neighbours and have independence for the coast.

First there was the €72,000 spent on touching up a small area around Campoamor Beach. There is a debate now as to whether it will survive the next Dana, as the last one gave way so easily,

And now there are questions being asked about the awarding of the contract for road repairs and infrastructure, which is worth nearly €333,00, but only a fraction of what is really needed to make an impact on the numerous defects.

There are also rumours that the council is deliberately making it difficult for the contractor to operate by withholding payments, and the contractor is now alleging that the council is supplying materials of insufficient quantities and quality.

This will be brought up at the next plenary by a coalition party. Why……because this contractor is not and was not the preferred party. The council awarded the contract to another party but was taken to court and lost, which is most ominous, and sets the alarm bells ringing about the reasoning behind it.


And now there is the contract for cleaning the beaches which is worth €372,000 per year. Should this contract be investigated? The reason for the council to award this contract “is a shortfall of staff due to deaths and disabilities, and only having one tractor,” (you can’t make these stories up).

There are far far too many questions needing to be answered about just how this council operates and quite how it is sourcing its contracts.

Here is a short extract from another party’s concern about what is going on:

“For this reason, both groups demand “that transparency be thrown” on this situation that affects various areas of the Local Government, such as Infrastructure and Contracting, and of which the mayor of Orihuela also has full knowledge and has been a part, they recalled.“

Last year our mayor talked about transparency but seemingly this is a word our council does not understand.

All this is Making PIOC’s case for independence even more stronger and will certainly unite the coast for the elections in May 2023