Orihuela’s Urban Planning Department has put on public display the partial plan of Sector B-1a “Mil Palmeras”, which will allow the urbanisation of 159,000 square metres of land with the capacity to build a further 952 homes on one of the few undeveloped areas of the Oriolano coast.

The plot is located between the Campoamor residential area, which is to the north, and the municipal border with Mil Palmeras, to the south. The inland perimeter is the N-332 highway.

The urban planning lawyer who signed the sustainability report, Juan Enrique Serrano, says that the plan “is totally and completely sustainable and economically viable”, both for the company that will build the properties, and for the Orihuela City Council, the municipality in which it is located.

The report details the annual cost of local administration to maintain a medium-sized urbanisation such as the one proposed, which would accommodate a maximum of 2,887 inhabitants is calculated, with a permanent occupation of 20% and a seasonal one of 80%. Thus, the cost of services and annual maintenance for the urbanization would be 218,333 euros (street cleaning, waste collection and maintenance of green areas), while the annual income to be collected by the council would amount 1,736,157 euros.

Once again it seems as though the coast is for sale at any price, and without any thought for the people who are already resident in the area, having to put up with it’s inferior infrastructure and lack of basic amenities.

The municipal authorities are presently unable to look after the needs of it’s current population. How I wonder will it cope with 3,000 more?



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