By Andrew Atkinson

The Valencian Community Soccer Federation (FFCV) has sent a letter to City councils of municipalities that do not allow access to their sports facilities to the National category or Federated teams in their locality.

In the letter, the FFCV urges them to allow National teams access to their sports facilities, as the Generalitat Valenciana ruled in its latest resolution, which allows professional and non-professional teams that are FED registered to compete and train.

In the letter sent by the FFCV the necessary information is provided so that the municipalities can find sufficient and compelling reasons to continue with the normal development of the competitions.

In addition, the FFCV has attached a series of documents that certify that the authorised local team is participating in an official competition at the state level and of a non-professional nature.

This is in addition to the regulations and protocols that are already in place ensuring that they guarantee the safe practice of sport and the almost zero incidence of infections.

The distribution of the letter is motivated by the total closure of sports facilities in some municipalities, even for teams from those municipalities that participate in National competitions, which goes against the latest resolution by the Generalitat Valenciana.