• Los Montesinos Mayor Butron asks for maximum responsibility as coronavirus cases increase

By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Butron has warned to not ‘drop your guard’ to the inhabitants of the Vega Baja town after an increase of coronavirus cases.

“We are not too bad in Los Montesinos with the cases of coronavirus – but we shouldn’t trust and relax,” Mayor Butron told The Leader.

“We see how more and more contagions are coming back,” he said in the wake of a report from the regions Public Health.

The Torrevieja Department of Health has increased cases, from 447 to 894 from January 4, with an average rise of 70 people between wards and ICU.

The accumulated incidence of the Department of Torrevieja over the past 14 days is 729, per 100,000 inhabitants.

Mayor Butron said: “In Los Montesinos the accumulated incidence of January 4, last 14 days, is eight new cases, accounting for 161 per 100,000 inhabitants.”

Los Montesinos has 3,800 inhabitants and Mayor Butron added: “I ask for the people to take maximum responsibility – keep abiding by the rules. If you take care of yourself, you take care of others.”