The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Bernabéu, said this Monday that the initiative of the Solidarity Campaign for Food Collection, launched by the Department of Sports, together with CD Oriol and Clequali, has been extremely successful.

He stated that, “more than 2,000 kilos of food has been collected that will be handed over for distribution by Cáritas Diocesana Orihuela-Alicante”.

This initiative launched prior to the Christmas holidays has had the backing and support of sports clubs and other associations in Orihuela, for which Bernabéu highlighted “efforts have shown the most supportive side of the Oriolana sports family with gestures like these”.

Local cleaning company Clequali, boosted the collection with a donation for products valued at 3,000 euros.

In thanking everyone involved in the initiative the Department of Sports were joined by Father Satorre and Manuel Sáez, President of Cáritas.