Oh WOW These Suck.. Minecraft Egg Block Lets Play Series Episode #1


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Welcome to a NEW SERIES!! Im back and super pumped. This is the first episode of my new lets play series on the Minecraft Egg Block modpack!

In this lets play series we will be completing the egg block modpack and having loads of fun doing it. Whilst being a gameplay series this lets play will also act as a tutorial and guide for the modpack!

In episode 1 we start the same way any Minecraft world starts (modded or vanilla) by punching wood. We then expand out base, build a mob farm, build a few chicken pens and complete some quests!

This series will follow my upload structure of at least one lets play episode or live stream every two days, maybe more so hit the bell so you don’t miss out! We will also be doing more videos on other Minecraft Modpacks such as awakening sky of diamonds, awakening, Minecraft basics, modern skyblock and some videos on Apex Legends! Hope you enjoy!