Ana celebrated her 102 years on Tuesday as she became the first person to be vaccinated against Covid 19 in the Vega Baja.

A native of the Estación neighborhood of Novelda, Ana Mira Palomares was the first of the 115 residents and 60 staff who welcomed the vaccination at the Vide Salud Care Home in Redován.

Teresa Valero was the first member of staff to be vaccinated in the centre: “We have spent a year living in fear, without being able to hug our friends, without being able to welcome our relatives to the centre, but now we believe that this vaccination is the beginning of something new and something very momentous, “she said excitedly.

Centre Director Javier Lillo said on Tuesday that the Care Home has not registered any case of coronavirus during the pandemic despite the fact that the facilities, one of the most important in the region, is located in one of the areas of the Vega Baja hardest hit by the second wave.


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