In addition to the measures published by the Ministry of Health on 6 November the Almoradí City Council has introduced steps of its own, which came into force last Tuesday night, and which will last until 22 November.

They include the suspension of all cultural and sports activities, as well as the closure of children’s and sports areas and public parks.

The Council published a statement listing the measures which they hope will provide additional impetus in their attempts to stop the increase in cases of coronavirus in the town.

The additional measures include the suspension of all cultural activities in municipal facilities, the library is closed and only the book loan service is maintained.

All Sports and activities, training and competitions, taking place in the Municipal Sports Schools are suspended up to the infantil category. Non-federated sports group activities are also suspended. In addition, children’s games and sports areas in all public parks are closed.

These measures are aimed at curbing the number of infections in the town, about which the city council said that “this will not be possible without the individual responsibility of every resident”.

In addition, the council has reminded members of the public of the obligation to remain isolated at home in case of being infected and that social and family gatherings must be limited to the bare minimum.

They have also stressed that any person who, due to confinement, has any specific need should contact Social Services (telephone 96 570 23 82) or Local Police (telephone 96 678 33 86).