The largest virtual gaming in Latin America will celebrate Gus Rodriguez to mark the first edition of the gaming week in Mexico. Gus Rodriguez is the most beloved ambassador in the Mexican republic.

The much-anticipated event will occur on November 6, 7, and 8, as Wink Bingo continues with its massive welcome bonus. The editor of the club Nintendo Tono Rodriguez and the son of Gus Rodriguez, Javier Rodriguez, will participate in a talk.  They will remember anecdotes from one person to the leading promoters of the video in Latin America through his program Nintendo mania and club Nintendo magazine in the ’90s.

The representative of the game met last weekend in four main areas;

Showroom: That is the space where the users will obtain information on the gaming world’s latest brands. There will be promotions, discounts, and information on different products.

Main stage: In the main stage, there will be industry speakers, special presentations for launches, and awards.

Esports LatAm: that is where esports Latam will be in charge of the most exciting this place; there will be attractive prizes for the winners and games or professional players.

Streamland:  that is the place where the creators of the game will participate in this zone where meet & greets and exciting streams will take place.

Gustavo Rodrigues is recognized as the pioneer of the gaming industry in Latin American as he promoted the video game journalist. 

Rodrigues was well known for his work with Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez. His love for video games began back in 1976 with a home version of Pong, NESA PONG. 

Later, he bought Intellivision and got addicted to night stalker and burger time. He started exchanging games with a friend, who later became his business partner.

In 1988 Rodriguez purchased a Nintendo console with super Mario bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Duck Hunt. 

In December 1991, Rodriguez and his business partner Jose sierra launched club Nintendo and Nintendo mania. The magazine of club Nintendo became the first and the essential video game magazine in Latin America.

The publishing went on until 2019, producing more than 200 issues. The concept of video games gave birth to a TV show, Nintendo mania, which lasted from 1995 to 2000.

Rodriguez hosted a show with similar concepts in power up gamers in 2015. In 2019, he joined the Televisa network to host game revolution and retro games.

Rodriguez passed in April this year. The gaming community suffered a significant loss earlier this year when the gaming legend more than this year. 

He left a message on his phone with instructions for his family to investigate the cause of death. In a message to his followers, he appreciated everyone who was concerned with his health. He had lost a lot of weight due to a problem with his lungs. His many fans flooded the tweet with encouragement, love, and support.