• The victim was tasered in the testicles as Walfall demanded half a million pounds..

Said in their press releases to be “extremely dangerous and violent”, a British fugitive, Micah Walfall, 36, from the Midlands, and one of Britain’s most wanted men, was arrested last week in Spain after detectives tracked him down to his hideaway in Orihuela Costa.

And the arrest was by no means a straightforward affair as Walfall put up resistance, even using pepper spray on Civil Guard officers as they attempted to take him into custody. He is now in jail in Torrevieja.

Walfall was considered to be one of the United Kingdom’s most wanted fugitives and is considered to be the main organiser in the kidnapping of a man thought to be high profile drug trafficker in Manchester last year.

The victim was allegedly tortured and tasered in the testicles as Walfall demanded a ransom of half a million pounds sterling.

Five other criminals were involved in the same kidnap, including Michael Etuhu, 35, a former football agent whose two brothers both played for Manchester City.

Etuhu pleaded guilty in court, alongside Ben Ukaegbu, 38, Daniel Lowe, 27, and Nicky Barnes, also 27, who admitted carrying out the plan.

Etuhu was jailed for 10 years, Ukaegbu for 11 years, Lowe for 10 and a half years, Barnes for 12 years, and Bishop for seven years.

Walfall remained on the run, however, until last week when he was caught by Spanish police in Orihuela Costa.

He was arrested following an anti-drug operation where agents had detected a drug pass in a leisure area of ​​Torrevieja. They attempted to stop a vehicle but the car did not stop and drove off at high speed.

The Civil Guard then chased the car for several kilometers. During the high speed chase the fugitives tried to ram the police car, endangering the lives of more than one passerby, before the suspects card drove through a children’s playground, finally crashing into a tree.

The driver was able to flee despite the accident, while the person in the passenger seat was arrested and taken into custody.

Investigators then focused on trying to identify the escaped suspect by using information sent by the UK authorities, who had already warned that he was a dangerous and violent person, in addition to being one of the UK’s most wanted fugitives.

The Civil Guard began to carry out surveillance on people around the suspect and were able to discover that he was hiding in an urbanisations on the Orihuela Costa.

A raid on Walfall’s home was then quickly organised before he was able to move on and when they attempted to arrest him, the he put up a great resistance as he attempted to flee in his vehicle, grabbing a can of pepper spray to spray the civil guards, but in the end he was forced to the ground and handcuffed.

The suspect has now been charged with crimes of drug trafficking, reckless driving and damages. The Court of Instruction number 2 of Torrevieja agreed last weekend to deny bail and keep him in prison while the National Court processes the extradition warrant.

In UK he now faces life in prison for conspiracy to kidnap, 14 years in prison for conspiracy to blackmail, 10 years for illegal possession of weapons as well as a further 5 years for assault.