The world is changing in ways that are both good and bad. Some people choose to see the good, how technology is bringing people closer together than ever before. While others think that our technology and industry is harming the planet. 

Both of these views can be seen as equally true, but the question is how can we focus on the positive? Everyone has the ability to make a difference and be the change they want to see in the world, but not many know how to take that first step. Whether you are unsure, scared, or disbelieving, you can be a difference-maker, and here is how.

Get Involved With Organizations

While it is true that individuals can make a difference in their own ways, and we have seen people do it throughout history, there is still strength in numbers. The folks at believe that getting involved with organizations or groups for change is the easiest way to do so.

Having a network of like-minded individuals around you helps boost your signal in wanting to volunteer, raise awareness, or plan and execute goals for charitable action. Your involvement in an organization could be the first step in bringing that positive change to life.

Use Your Platform to Spread the Message

As mentioned, raising awareness is just one step in the whole process of seeing change materialize before you. While it is only one part of the plan, it is still a very vital one. You may not be an influencer with a million followers, but you still have a platform, multiple ones most likely. Social media can be a source of negativity, but it is equally a source of positivity.

Using this platform to spread your message of positive change takes time and not everyone will agree or understand, but the point is that you will eventually connect with and find those that agree or hold similar ideas. Utilizing your platforms to amplify your voice is an important way to use technology to start seeing that change.

Focus on a Goal Close to You 

Do you want to see a future for mental health awareness in more industries? Do you want to create a start-up that helps put food on the tables of financially unsecured families? These goals are what you are striving for. You do not need to have everything figured out right away, but you need to have an idea of where you want to end up. These goals should be something that is near and dear to you because it helps you legitimize why it is so important.

This is not a mandatory thing for your goal orientation, in fact, any change is good, but a personal connection to a cause helps you feel more inclined to fix it. These goals are going to be the backbone for the change you want to make, so keep it realistic, but not so mild that you do not feel like you are making a difference.

Change Your Daily Perception

What does changing your daily perception mean? It simply means changing the way you think and the way you look at the world. No great person in history or person who wanted to make changes ever woke up and thought to themselves that their life could remain the same on their way to their goals.

Changing the world, even in a small way, means having to adapt your own way of looking at life. Being more positive, helping people out more, listening, talking, engaging, doing these small acts can alter your perception of the world, and start to allow you to see things in a different light. Outward change often comes when you can direct that change inwards to better yourself too.

Be Patient and Be Persistent

Patience and persistence are not mutually exclusive ideas. In fact, they are more likely to operate in tandem than not. Being patient with your goals, being persistent in finding organizations to help you set your plan in action, and understanding that it takes a long time to put in the work needed is going to help you more than you know. This is a simple piece of advice to heed as you work towards change.

Changing the world, big or small, takes time and effort, and often, some helping hands. Being able to bring your goals to life by improving a community or offering a service to help others requires planning and some solid advice. These tips are just some of the ways to help you figure out the first step on your path to bettering the world.