How LED Lighting Is Penetrating the Automotive Industry

How LED Lighting Is Penetrating the Automotive Industry
How LED Lighting Is Penetrating the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has improved in recent years due to technological advancement and how most companies have maximized it to their benefit. LED light, on the other hand, has also been making waves across different industries due to its efficacy, among other benefits. New cars, especially luxury vehicles, now use light-emitting diodes (LED) headlights or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights rather than the usual halogen lamps. 

In an IIHS Study, LED headlights were found to outperform halogen ratings, as the halogen headlights received the worst ratings of all three headlight technologies combined.

The first full LED headlight was introduced in 2007 and it has since penetrated headlamp design. It has brought a distinctive feature to the history of lighting in the automotive industry and there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay a long time. 

The energy efficiency is easily a top reason why the LED Headlight is used in automotive applications, alongside its weight reduction and space-saving qualities.

Why the LED Headlights are Better

There are numerous reasons why you should choose LEDs over any other but in the automotive industry, you may want to see stronger reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss the idea.

1. It Improves Headlight Brightness

The primary purpose for headlights is to help you see the road clearly and most people often look for a lamp that fits that description. This is also one of the major reasons why most people switch to LED headlights, to help them drive better at night.

With about 5000 to 12000 lumens of brightness, LEDs have a higher advantage over halogens that produce about 3200 lumens. Also, halogens tend to produce a dim light, compared to LEDs with brighter lights and colors.

2. It Lasts Long

You can use your LED headlights for up to 10 years, so you can worry less about changing your headlights every few years, which could cost you more in total. LEDs are built with durable materials and they also consume minimal power. Their efficiency would help you cut down on maintenance while you make the most of it as you drive. 

3. It is Easy to Install

Have you ever been stuck while trying to replace your headlights or looking for someone to fix it, especially in a remote area? You can worry less about that with LED headlights, as they are quite easy to install, thereby saving the cost of getting someone to do it at a ridiculous price. They have flexibility, low-profile and helpful accessories that make the installation a quick and easy feat. 

4. It Helps You Save Money

This is an easy conclusion from the advantages so far. LED headlight bulbs are cost-efficient. Although making the initial purchase might seem expensive, when you calculate how much you get to spend in the long run, compared to halogen bulbs, you’ll realize how cost-efficient it is. This is in addition to other benefits you get from using LEDs.

LED headlights are here to stay and they are constantly being improved as technology advances to suit modern-day vehicles.