The student’s life is full of spectacular events: lessons, new acquaintances, hobbies, meetings with friends, exams, work, and so on. How to keep up with everything and not get tired? This is when time management will be especially helpful.

How to Control Your Time Right?

Time management is a kind of art. In fact, this activity allows students or any person to rethink the value of time and learn how to use it correctly. It means setting your priorities and paying most of your attention to the main duties. For instance, if you combine work and study, you can use professional services like essaysmatch to help yourself with studying.

You can also use these standard rules:

1) Define the main and secondary tasks

Think about your “typical day” and check how many hours you spend on various duties. This approach will allow you to determine how much does it take to prepare for classes and how much free time you have.

2) Plan your day or week and make corrections without damaging the main business

This principle in student life is based on a working schedule. A student needs to correctly distribute his forces to finish all the tasks in time. In particular, doing homework will become a priority, so the main time should be allocated for it. The remaining time can be spent on less important matters: meeting with friends, reading your favorite book, cleaning, etc.

3) Motivate yourself to accomplish new tasks

To motivate yourself, think about a reward you can get. The success of any job depends on the right motivation. The more a person is interested, the better a result.

4) Do not distract and bring the matter to the end

Try not to distract. First, do the urgent tasks, and only then you can arrange a small break. It is vital to observe a certain regime or daily routine, otherwise, you will not succeed. If you constantly break your promises, nothing good will come of it.

5) Do not forget about the rest. Everything should be in balance

Remember that frequent overloads lead to nervous disorders and the appearance of chronic diseases, which can make serious complications. Therefore, it is crucial managing your time and energy, and give yourself enough time to rest.

How to Use the Pareto Principle in Your Studying?

The Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto once noticed that 20% of the peas planted in his garden produce 80% of the crop. This allowed him to formulate a rule: about 20% of the efforts give 80% of the result. The 20/80 principle can be used not only in work but also in other areas of life, for example studying.

What tasks do you spend 80% of the time on? Remember that this brings only 20% of the benefits, so it is worth focusing on really useful things. Finally, as soon as you have defined your priorities, remember that 20% of them give you the most result. So, you have to use most of the day on solving the main goals, and leave 20% on less urgent things.

In Conclusion

Following these simple rules, you can learn how to control your time. However, do not forget that each person has his own rhythm, so it is vital to find a balance between these rules and your comfort. Remember: who controls his time controls his life!

Can you prioritize your daily tasks according to the yarkoweb principle? Share your ideas on how to manage time correctly and what rules work in your own life.