By Trinitario (Trino) Pérez Paredes

Torrevieja C.F. is a community football club. It is based on grassroots football comprising of over 500 players of all age groups across it’s 25 teams.

It has modest resources but it allows players to play in the town where they live and to progress through the age groups and the club ranks up to the senior team which plays in the Valencia Regional League.

During recent weeks the club has spoken to supporters and enthusiasts, as well as to many International residents across the town, to whom it has outlined it’s plans for the coming season.

“El Torrevieja C.F. belongs to everyone”, a phrase that the club has adopted and which it uses as it’s motto within the sports community.

There are many people who live in Torrevieja with a great deal of knowledge and influence, fans who have always had the best interests of their “local” club at heart. Unfortunately through a series of misfortunes, football in the city has not done well but now Torrevieja CF is ready to receive all fans with open arms, especially those international football fans, who I will personally welcome to the club.

I was born in Germany 52 years ago so I know very well what it means to live outside your country of origin and mixed feelings that usually occur. Here in Torrevieja we are a hospitable group and

Torrevieja CF is a non-profit sports association which has the aim of promoting football among young people in the community in order that they can progress locally in the sport that they enjoy.

We are a club with a growing economic structure, and a social base of families, including 500 players enrolled in its 25 base teams, and next year we celebrate our half centenary with 50 years since we were first formed.

We would love to see you either involved with the base organisation or supporting our senior team in the coming season, as we strive once again to put some pride back into that once great name of Torrevieja CF.