The Governing Council has today approved the mandatory wearing of facemasks in all open and closed public spaces

It is official. The mask is now mandatory in the Region of Murcia although the safety distances should still be respected.

The Governing Council approved the measure this morning and the measure will take effect as soon as it is published in the BORM later on Monday. It was being considered for days and is being introduced as a result of the increase in positive cases and the pressure from the PSOE, which yesterday demanded the Executive of López Miras introduce the measure.

The mask “must now be worn at all times as a measure of personal and other people’s protection”, in all open and closed public spaces, Miras has said. The fine for not wearing it will be 100 euros.

Government sources say that the decision was made after advice from the Epidemiology Service, which is constantly assessing the latest data from the pandemic in the Region of Murcia.

The Ministry of Health yesterday reported 21 new positive cases in the last 24 hours, the highest number since June 3. The total number of people currently affected by covid-19 stands at 98, close to once again exceeding the barrier of 100 active cases.

The number admitted to hospitals in the region increased by 4 people. There are a total of 22, two of which are in the ICU. In addition, a dozen more people are in home isolation.

One of those infected is a worker from the Ministry of Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy , whose headquarters was disinfected.

In relation to the coronavirus outbreak linked to a flight from Bolivia, Health sources indicate that “the number of cases now amounts to 60, of which 17 are located in a fruit and vegetable company located in the municipality of Murcia. Another 13 are contacts of these workers ».

On the 21 infections detected yesterday, they say that three of the positives are immigrants who arrived in Cartagena in a boat

Given these figures, and seeing that the measure is going to be implemented in other regions, the regional government has decided to approve the mandatory introduction of the mask in the region, despite the fact that the minimum safety distance must still be respected.


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