Fiona Auguy, the owner of Panache Restaurant in Cabo Roig has expressed her disgust at the lack of attention paid by the council to the inland side of the N332 in La Regia.

“Here is more proof of the lazy local council. I have a restaurant in La Regia opposite Smiling Jacks (where there are no weeds or holes in the pavement and it is kept cleaner compared to the other side).

This side of the street is neglected and any tourists that do visit will be appalled at the lack of upkeep.  It’s certainly not inviting for anyone to walk along and come into any of the small local businesses on this side of the road. We are all desperate for business so please help us. Gracias”

At a time when it is more important than ever for Orihuela Costa to put on its best face to attract visitors, we are seeing these sights, which are all too common throughout the entire coast of Orihuela. These local businesses are a vital part of our local economy and they are struggling because of the health crisis…

When we will see action from the council to combat the plagues of weeds and pot holes?