Each year, game providers are releasing new games or an addition to a series. What we can expect is that the latest add-ons are more impressive than their predecessors and are at least twice as fun. At the beginning of this year, game developers have already released several remarkable games, and we are waiting for other additions coming in the second quarter. Before we list those games, let’s look at the reasons why you have to consider playing them.

Reasons to Play New Games

It is always difficult leaving the game you loved for another one, but hey, isn’t life all about discovery? For instance, imagine if Snakes was the only game we get to play, yes, it was once popular, but chances are people will get bored with it easily. That is why we will all be looking for maybe the latest games or upgrades of the same game.

This is the same case as those games you find in a casino online. Everyone wants to break the monotony by finding something greater than the last one. So, here are the reasons why you should consider playing the latest games.

1.      Value

The best time to enjoy any product is when it is still new on the market. This is when the manufacturer will be going to the extent of making promotional offers or discounts. That is the same case for casino games. Whenever a fresh one is released on the market, go ahead for chances, and you will receive more offers than in the rest of the games.

2.      Show Stopper

Talk about last year’s movie, and everyone will be staring at you like “where were you when we were watching it?” Besides, no one wants to be left behind in any form of entertainment. So, it is a good reason to play the game immediately it is released, so you can show-off to others or just to be up to date and not feel left out.

3.      Security

Technology is developing daily, and this means some features like security are taken of higher consideration. This is not any different also for software providers. Besides, using new add-ons means enhanced security and little to no glitches.

Security is taken extremely seriously

4.      Impressive Looks and Entertainment

It is wrong for a developer to use the same tactics and mechanics in their last product as they had before. However, if they want to do so, then they should have better features. Moreover, the essence of creating fresh titles is to entertain. So you should know that new video slots come with rich features and graphics.

Upcoming Games in 2020

1.      Game of Thrones Power Stacks

Earlier in 2020, Microgaming announced they are working on a new GoT title, Game of Thrones Power Stacks. This is not the first game the developer has created based on this popular show. Besides, their relationship with HBO started in 2014.

Players will be able to meet some of their favourite characters from this program. However, little is known about this video slot. At least we know, it will come with new features, upgraded graphics, and, hopefully, more. Expect this title much later in the year.

2.      Street Fighter II

Netent gives its players another chance to fight on the streets again with their upcoming Street Fighter II. The game is a continuation of the series and is set to be launched on 21 May 2020. It will come with a 5×5 reel-set and payout in clusters.

We can expect better gamification and features that will take us back to 1991. The developer has promised a similar experience as the arcade version, so let us wait and see.

3.      Deadmau5

Another new game set to be released later in 2020 is Deadmau5. It is still under progress, and the creators at Microgaming are making sure this pokie resembles the life of the famous Canadian DJ Joel Thomas Zimmerman.

4.      Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Fans of this popular cooking show will love what Netent is preparing for them. The developer is working closely with Gordon Ramsay to create a one of a kind online slot. It will feature every aspect and trait you know about this chef. It will also come with some of his catchphrases. Although the game is still in earlier development stages, the provider promises a colourful and striking graphics resembling the show.

Final Thoughts

The year 2020 is going to surprise many gamers with upgraded and better titles. These four mentioned above are not the only upcoming games in the second quarter of 2020 or the rest of the year. All we can do is just hope the new games will be even more fun and have an impressive number of features. Besides, the thought of these developers working with celebrities to create high-end slots gives all of us high hopes for a superior gaming experience.