With the astonishing advancements made in the digital world, many people are now becoming empowered and shedding the constraints of their nine-to-five job in favor of a far more archaic lifestyle: that of the nomad. Tech nomads are travelers who work digitally and remotely for clients who require freelance work.

Working as a tech nomad and earning passive income is a fantastic way to see the entire world. All you need to do is to have a laptop and access to the internet, and you can find that you make your dreams come true. 

You could be in Tibet today, Japan tomorrow, you can travel and earn a huge income with relative ease and make memories that will last you a lifetime. Tech nomads are the new wave of travelers. Rather than traveling on a budget, they travel in style, still afforded a decent income, an income that often far surpasses the income of those back at home working grueling hours and toiling away for minimum wage.

Tech nomads have the entire world at their feet, and there is no reason that you cannot become one today. Here are some gadgets that every single tech nomad should have!

A Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Router

Working as a tech nomad will mean you travel overnight, often in very cramped and unfavorable situations, and find yourself staying in all manner of shady places. If this is how a member of your family has been living, then you are probably perusing this for gifts for digital nomads, right?

Well, every digital nomad needs this one essential: a portable mobile Wi-Fi router. As working online is how they make their money, a constant connection to the internet, or at least access to, it is surely imperative for them to make an income. If they are not afforded access to the internet, it is likely they will return home with their tail between their legs, broken and morose.

To truly make a tech nomad’s day, a portable mobile Wi-Fi router will not only make their life a hundred times easier, but they will be given even more freedom if that is possible. Rather than having to stick to cities where an internet connection is established, they will only need to be in the range of the mobile satellite and connectivity tower, therefore enabling them to spread wider afoot and seek adventure further away.

A Power Bank

Working as a tech nomad, as aforementioned, will mean that you are in all manner of places, maybe without electricity. In situations like this, every self-respecting digital nomad requires access to a power bank to ensure that his work is completed as requested by his client.

If they are unable to work, they are unable to travel, therefore, they are in constant need of a power supply. Traveling in foreign countries can leave you without access to a power supply, and without access to electricity.

In a situation like the above, the only solution is to provide your own power supply. Portable power banks can be very inexpensive and very effective. They can aid you in your travels endlessly and provide you the satisfaction of knowing you are constantly connected and plugged in.

Your laptop dying can be terrible at the best of times, even back at home, so traveling on a night train to Seoul without any power source and an overdue task is surely frightful. Make sure you get the most effective and price-friendly power bank to match your budget, and you will find that it is money well spent!

A Good Laptop

This one is, of course, self-explanatory. A tech nomad’s life is spent on a laptop, a more conventional PC is not appropriate as you will often be working from coffee shops, busses, trains, and hotels. Having good quality and well-manufactured laptop will be the line between you staying or coming home.

You can find all manner of good laptops online that can meet your criteria and by consulting tech nomad blogs you can get their recommendations for usage and battery life. You will find that a good laptop is not as expensive as you earlier thought, and will be a great investment.

Make sure you travel safely when you buy a laptop, as there are a lot of thieves who will be targeting tourists and travelers. By flaunting an expensive new laptop, you are asking them to make a victim out of you!

When you buy your tech make sure you buy it from respectable sources as there is no shortage of frauds and thieves online waiting to take your money off of you. Only ever shop at well-reviewed places, and if you buy tech abroad, make certain they are not just well-reviewed, but peer-reviewed!