Have you ever heard of Honey? Possibly, possibly not…

Honey is, simply put, AMAZING! You can quite literally save hundreds if not thousands with this free chrome extension! (It works on most other browsers too, notably firefox, opera, Microsoft edge and internet explorer!)

No matter what browser you use, they’ve got you covered! – So how does Honey work?

When you are on a compatible site, of which most shops are, you will see the honey logo (the letter H in a coloured box) in your addons and extensions bar. Now, this is where the magic happens! If the online shop you are surfing accepts coupons, then the honey will pop and ask ‘would you like me to search for coupons’ or something like that! Now, if you want to save a few bob, and who doesn’t? You would click yes or search and save me money or… you get it.

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Honey will then scour the internet and find the best, most juicy coupon and discount codes for you to use to give you the most band for your buck! So far they boast that they have saved the Honey Bees (that’s me and hopefully you!) almost £1 billion, yes that’s with a B or 9 zeroes. And that’s not all… They have also earned their loyal users around £7 million in cashback! Yep, You heard me!

When you shop, not only does Honey find you amazing coupons to use, it also earns you a tonne of cashback. (I just claimed £30 today!)

Naturally, you’ll be thinking, is this even real? Is this Magic? This is too good to be true or How do they make money? Is this really difficult?

Well lest answer those questions:

  1. Is this real? – Yes totally yes! You can even search for it on youtube if you don’t believe me!
  2. Is this magic? – No, sadly not, but it is Honey!
  3. How do they make money? – They earn a commission on your purchase when you use Honey.
  4. Is this really difficult? – No, it’s super easy, you just search to install honey or use our super easy 1 click link – Click Here! Click Me!

And that’s it, there’s not much more to say, its simple, effective, free, saves and makes you money, is no hassle…. the list could go on forever, so what are you waiting for? JOIN HONEY CLICKING HERE: Click ME!