Contracting projects have been approved by the Orihuela City Council, details of which were presented on Tuesday, by the deputy mayor and councillor for Urban Development, José Aix (Ciudadanos).

A refurbishment project will be carried out in the CEIP Nuestra Señora de Belén de La Aparecida, (Lot 1) for an amount of 360,297 euros; the CRA Azahar de La Matanza, (lot 8) will see the restoration of its sports courts, external painting, replacement of shutters and replacement of playground costing 285,318 euros; basic project works and execution of reform and expansion works will take place at the CEIP Francisco Girona, (lot 12) for an amount of 569,358 euros; and works for the refurbishment and expansion of CEIP Andrés Manjón (lot 13) will cost 192,586 euros.

Other contracts that were announced included the “building of a Bike-Lane on the CV-870 Orihuela-Montepinar road”, for a total amount of 238,744 (VAT included), work that will take three months; repairs to public roads in the hamlet of Mudamiento in Orihuela, for a total amount of 192,586 euros that will take 4 months and the creation of a park next to the N-340 in el Raiguero de Bonanza, which will have a budget of 112,199 euros, and take two months to complete.

Other matters dealt with have been the approval of a direct grant to the IES Tháder for the placement of educational facilities in the Centre for Permanent Education of Adults , for a total amount of 15,500 euros, and also in Education, approval of a grant of 60,000 euros for the foundation of a “Didactic and Interactive Museum of Sciences” (MUDIC), for a total amount of 60,000 euros.

Just over 2 million euros were committed by the deputy mayor of which there was not a single penny earmarked for the Orihuela Costa


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