What Does the Elderly Want Us to Do for Them? 

What Does the Elderly Want Us to Do for Them? 
What Does the Elderly Want Us to Do for Them? 

We are all on our way to being elderly and it’s best to act in a way that we would want to be treated, being left alone without anyone to talk to or being unable to care for ourselves is the thing of nightmares so don’t leave our elderly loved ones in the same situation.

At this stage in our lives, we can’t think about what will be important to us when we grow older as we have other priorities in place so it might be worth asking your grandparents what’s important to them, if not then here are a few things that the elderly want us to do for them. 


Getting old is a scary prospect for everyone so when you finally reach the age where you can class yourself as old things start to change. We become unable to do things as we used to and the world can become a scary place, this is why we have to care for our elderly and ensure they are living a life that’s as comfortable now as it has been since they were young.

If your elderly relatives or loved ones start needing help with a number of things then it might be time to find aged care in Australia, this way you can put your mind at ease that your loved ones are receiving the care they deserve, especially if you aren’t around or live close enough to help yourself. Life can get in the way of being able to care every day when you have children and a job so this style of care is designed so everyone feels as little stress as possible. 

Stay in Contact 

Something we all strive to have is someone to talk to and in the case of elderly people, this is more important than ever, being able to converse with someone helps with cognitive function and staying sane. Most of the time all the elderly want is a phone call now and then, or every day if you can, to check-in and see how they are doing.

We can all find 10 minutes out of our day to give our loved ones a call and see how they’re doing. If they aren’t in a care home then it’s a good time to check to see if they need any supplies and if they are feeling well. If things don’t sound so good then you will be able to call a medical professional to help, you won’t know how things are if you don’t talk to them. 

Go and Visit 

On top of staying in contact with our loved ones, it’s important to go and visit them. Try and make time for a visit at least once a week as this will keep the spirits high, having something to look forward to each week is a brilliant way to keep motivated and stay active, they will want to be able to stand up and give you a hug every time you come in.

As small as it sounds when you’re visiting try to play some games with them, this can be a board game, card game, or anything you fancy, the little things in life really do make a difference. 


Our grandparents are full of memories and it’s brilliant having them tell you a story of when they were younger, getting into trouble at school or how they received their first big promotion, and even though they might tell you a few times it’s great to sit and listen to them recite tales of how life was 50 years ago.

Even though they seem full of memories they will always have space for more. If your grandparents are in a care home they won’t have the chance to get out make memories as they used to so they will rely on you to fill them with stories, repay the lifetime of tales you’ve been given with some of your own, they will love hearing about how your life is going. 

When the day comes that our grandparents or older loved ones reach the point where they need care it’s always a sad time, and it’s not just sad for you, think about the emotional stress they will be going through and try to help them deal with it in the best way you can.

Just because they’re old and wise doesn’t mean they won’t need emotional support, we often think that the only help needed is with shopping and doing physical things but that’s not the case. Remember to talk to your loved ones and engage with them, help them remember the good things in life, and remind them of yours.

Just because someone has gotten older doesn’t mean they are no longer a person, they just can’t complete tasks in the same way.