Montestan’s take ON BOWLS.


Positioning of the mat:  Whether playing singles, doubles, triples or rinks, when it comes to your turn to bowl the jack, you must place the mat to be able to play, so as simply as possible, I will give a take on how.

The mat is placed with its length centred on the rink centre line (nice and straight). Here there are options and limits as to where you can place the mat. Going by the laws you can place the mat at any length at least 2 metres from the ditch “T” and at least 25 metres from the opposite ditch, centred on the centre line.

Confused !!  Rules 6.1 to 6.51 cover this. Rule 6.1 states :  Before the start of play in each end the player to play must place the centre line of the mat length wise along the centre of the rink, with the mat line at least 2 metres from the rear ditch and at least 25 from the front ditch. (Please see the layout diagram of the pitch markings this I think will help).

As mentioned before at Vistabella there is a 4 metre “T” on the centre line which is used as a guide and in practise I have observed that most mat placings are from the base “T” up to a maximum of 6 or 8 metres no more. It seems common sense that by moving the mat up you restrict the amount of rink available to bowl.

A lot of the time it’s done tactically as in a match and the opposition are found to favour a “long jack” and placing the mat back in the region of the 2 metre “T”. One can move the mat up and deliver a “short jack” when it comes to your turn. You will find out about these tactics as we talk about teams a little later on.

Delivery of the Jack and where you should be on the mat: You have put the mat down and this is where and what you will stand on to deliver the jack. Quite simple really! You must have one part of your foot on or over it when you release the jack. Rule 7.1 covers this: Before delivery the player must be standing on the mat with at least all or part of one foot.

At the moment of delivery the player must have at least all or part of one foot on or over the mat. If you are trying to do this whilst looking at this take you should be looking like “Eros”now. I digress!

For the moment we will just cover the rudiments and later if you are in a team give, more detail on the rules and play etc. delivery is carried out in the same manner as the bowl and it is assumed you have been taught how.

Later perhaps we can do a quick cover on delivery but this is a take not a coaching manual and I am certainly not qualified to carry that out. The aim is to deliver the jack at the distance you wish to or been instructed to. Tell you about that next week !

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How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, we have a brand new green and are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain – David Jenkins or Charlie Watkins  Reported by : Montestan