Many people have been scammed on online casinos and there are some others who wouldn’t start at all for the fear of getting scammed. The online gambling industry has been successful with an improved financial status over the years, so it is no doubt that scammers would want to take advantage of it. New online casinos are constantly being created, which means more players and more rooms for people to get scammed. 

How do you enjoy your game without getting scammed? This article explains how you can avoid online casino scams without suppressing your desire for the game. 

1. Check for a Gambling License

Anyone can create a casino and pretend it’s legit just to get people to fall into the trap. An easy way to avoid this is to always check for a gambling license, preferably any of these three: United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and Gaming Curacao Authorities.

These three are the major bodies in the industry and the most reliable. Look out for their licensing information on their website before signing up and you won’t have to worry about getting scammed.

2. Do Your Research

One of the mistakes most people make is jumping on any casino site without doing proper research to be certain they are legit. Apart from the licensing information, there are other things to consider. Don’t be quick to jump at the first search result on Google, as it might not be legit despite being on the first page.

Pick out your options and look further for more details about each site; check for reviews or articles about them to be certain you are in the right place. No amount of research is too much for your safety. 

3. Check for Bonus and Promotions

Scammers often use bonuses and promotions to get new users who would later be their victims. While it might be exciting to get a good deal or promotion on your first sign up, you need to carefully observe. If the offer seems too good to be true, that’s a sign that the site might be dangerous. Also, ensure you check the terms and conditions attached and if they are not stated clearly, then they might be up to something fishy. 

4. Payment Methods

If the site does not provide different banking options and payment methods for your transactions or provide popular and secure options, that’s a red flag. Ensure you check their options and see that there’s nothing odd about it. 

5. Check the List of Software Developers

This is most likely the last thing on your mind but you may want to check out those who built the site, of which most casino sites have the information on their homepage. Ensure the site is powered by independent licensed gaming developers and software providers. This is proof that you are in the right place. 


While the number of scams is continually on the rise, especially with the advancement in technology, you can also take preventive measures to be cyber safe. This includes adhering to the points shared in this article.