The Ministry of Health has confirmed 248 new infections in the Community from coronavirus in the last 24 hours increasing the total number of positives to 10,117, of which 4,769 are still active, 47.3% of the total, the remainder cured.

Of the new cases 56 have been recorded in the province of Castellón, 32 in Alicante and 160 in Valencia.

This was announced on Saturday morning by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, this morning, together with the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo.

The number of recovered patients is now 4,306, 282 new discharges since yesterday: 23 in Castellón, 130 in Alicante and 129 in Valencia.

This Saturday the total number of newly admitted has increased by 50 patients to 1,095 (78 less than yesterday). Of these, 238 remain in the ICU, where 14 beds additional have been released compared to Friday. By province, 134 patients are from Castellón (33 in the ICU), 296 are from Alicante (91 in the ICU) and 660 from Valencia (114 in the ICU).

Three deaths less in Alicante

The number of deceased has increased to 1042 after registering a further 43, 12 of them in residences. Of the new deaths, 10 correspond to Castellón, 8 to Alicante, three fewer than on Friday and 25 to Valencia

There have also been 62 discharges of health professionals since Friday. In addition, 27 new cases have been recorded among professionals. Of the total, 16 are in the province of Valencia, 5 in Alicante and 6 in Castellón.

National Figures

The number of deaths in Spain came in at 565 on Saturday, a slight fall from Friday when 585 victims were reported for the previous 24-hour period.

According to figures released by the Health Ministry, a total of 20,043 Covid-19-related deaths have been recorded in Spain, with 191,726 confirmed infections and 74,662 patients discharged from hospital after recovering.

The Health Ministry has this week been revising the statistics recorded so far, after the central government sent an order to Spain’s 17 regions in a bid to standardise the often chaotic reporting from each community.

Unfortunately the official figures have been changed again with respect to those that the Ministry itself gave yesterday. Today the most striking mistake is in the confirmed cases section, which should be 3,658, if we subtract the 191,726, which Health declares today, from the 188,068 officially confirmed yesterday, but it amounts to 4,449 (791 more) with no explanation provided.

Fernando Simón, the director of the Health Ministry’s Coordination Centre for Health Alerts, explained at the government’s daily press conference on Friday that there had been a “discrepancy” in the figures provided by one of Spain’s 17 regions, requiring a revision of Thursday’s figures.

Total figures by Community: 191,726 diagnosed coronavirus cases, 20,043 deaths

52,946 in Madrid (7,132 dead)

39,943 in Catalonia (3,879 dead)

16,349 in Castilla-La Mancha (1,913 dead)

15,293 in Castilla y León (1,429 dead)

12,355 in the Basque Country (1,020 dead)

11,020 in Andalusia (967 dead)

9,795 in the Valencian Community (1,042 dead)

8,084 in Galicia (334 dead)

4,761 in Aragon (601 dead)

4,556 in Navarra (354 dead)

3,648 in La Rioja (272 dead)

3,081 in Extremadura (380 dead)

2,272 in Asturias (187 dead)

2,035 in the Canary Islands (115 dead)

1990 in Cantabria (149 dead)

1,748 in the Balearic Islands (148 dead)

1,638 in Murcia (115 dead)

104 in Melilla (2 dead)

108 in Ceuta (4 dead)