Orihuela’s councillor for health, José Galiano, has accused the Ministry of Health of failing to provide coronavirus date for the municipality which would better enable it to coordinate “council resources to help those people who are the worst affected.”

Despite the fact that the President of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, promised to provide this information to municipalities, “said Galiano, “the only information we have so far is by hospital so, more than a month after the state of alarm was introduced, we still do not know how many Oriolans have been affected by this disease, even though we requested the information from the Ministry by letter at the very beginning of the pandemic.”

Galiano said that not having the required information means that “municipal resources cannot be best coordinated to help the most affected people, for the removal of waste or for disinfection.”

He regretted what he considers to be a “lack of transparency of the Generalitat”, and cannot understand why the consellera has not fulfilled the commitment of the President, and continues to deny this information.”



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