For 17 days, from the Friday before Easter until the following Sunday, Ausur, the concessionaire that manages the toll booths on local motorways, has shown itself to be a company with little heart as it quite unashamedly doubled the prices of tolls over the Easter period.

At a time when the country was experiencing an unprecedented pandemic the concessionaire almost doubled the toll on the La Zenia and San Miguel booths from 2.25 euros to 4 euros so if you were a user of this 10 km stretch of the Mediterranean corridor you will not only pay one toll but two, 8 euros for a single journey.

Despite the fact that a major part of the local resident community is out of work, struggling to put food on the table and to feed their families, and the vast majority of people using the roads are those in ‘Emergency Professions’ Ausur has simply showed it’s contempt for their plight at a time when the right thing to do would have been to suspend tolls, not increase them by over 80%, thereby allowing all employees in “those critical professions” the ability to move freely in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Such a shame Ausur! Hardly a move that endeared you to the public!


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