• The Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation in the residence where the Military found death patients.
  • The residence with 25 elderly dead asked for help after first infection but did not receive it

The Director of the Chamartín residence, where 25 elderly people have died from coronavirus, told relatives in a statement that they had requested medical help for the centre on multiple occasions, but that the Ministry of Health ignored their response.

He explained that it all began on March 8. The Government took to the streets to support a massive demonstration displaying slogans such as “Don’t let the virus stop you.”

That same day, the first infection occurred in the residence of Santísima Virgen y San Celedonio , where an in-patient tested positive for coronavirus, just 700 metres from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

The residence immediately informed the Ministry of Health but they turned a deaf ear. They were more interested in another battle, that of their political welfare. Meanwhile, the ‘invisible’ enemy which has now claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people in Spain, was gaining a foothold in the residence.

The situation now in the residence is sombre. 18 days after the first warning to the Government of Pedro Sánchez, the SARS-CoV-2 (which many start to call ‘the bug’) has already claimed the lives of many of the elderly who reside in the centre. Before there were 162 elderly and 18 nuns. Now just 127 old people and 17 nuns live together.

No government help

In a statement sent to the families of the pensioners, the management of the residence confesses that since “the first contagion was recorded until today” it has requested the help of the Government on countless occasions, but “has not received any response.”

It has also requested the “immediate” intervention of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), which during the last weekend was carrying out disinfection work. But they need more support. They urgently need the military to take control. However, the vice president of Social Rights, Pablo Iglesias who is responsible, “has done nothing,” they say.

Meanwhile, the State Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation to find out what has happened in nursing homes, why there have been so many deaths and, in some cases, why the elderly were allowed to live alongside the bodies of their deceased friends.

Image: https://okdiario.com