D2D Travel Agency, owned by former Councillor for Foreign Residents, Sofia Alvarez, have set up a volunteer group to assist the people who need help to buy food, medicine or to be taken to the healthcare.

Voluntarios Orihuela Costa – email: voluntariosorihuelacosta@gmail.com

phone: +34 673 572 705

It is important that everyone is aware that they should not leave heir home, especially if over 70 years of age or disabled.

As such Sofia Alvarez has formed this group for those in the Orihuela Costa who need help which she and her volunteers will coordinate, be it the purchase of food, medicine or healthcare, or further assistance if someone is ill.

The group is collaborating already with Guardia Civil, Local Police and other local charities and Associations.

The needs will increase as the days go by….

And the most important thing is to spread the word that we are here to help you so please stay tuned to our close circles in case anyone needs help. Likewise if you are aware of vulnerable members of our sociaty please inform us.

Also, we already have in the group people to translate; English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish

Cheer up everyone !!!