It seems easy to say it know, but we sort of knew about Håland all along. Don’t you believe that? Well, you should, as the statistics behind sports betting online were already pointing towards that. Erling Håland is the new sensation on European football and every other club other than Borussia and RB Salzburg are wondering how is it possible that they missed this signing.

Håland had reportedly been in talks with many other clubs. Here are some who were allegedly in touch with either the striker or his agent:

  • Manchester United had a chance to sign him before Borussia did, but they did not believe he could be useful immediately;
  • SL Benfica refused him a couple of years ago, as they didn’t think he had the physique necessary to succeed at the highest level in Football;
  • Real Madrid could have had him on the B squad, but argued that there was no place available to nurture more athletes.

As you can see, it also takes some luck and a sense of opportunity not to miss out on these great deals. We can only wonder how many great footballers would we have already seen by now if it weren’t for bad luck?

In any case, that is not the occasion for lamenting, as the truth is that Håland is here to stay and make a good impression of himself. The sports betting online services don’t lie, and it’s unanimous across many that there was a noticeable high in user’s profits!

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