Alicante-Elche airport is set to cease commercial flight operations this week in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

The airport will remain open – for emergencies and special flights only.

A handful of flights are scheduled in the next three days, including flights for British passengers leaving Spain.

  • On March 23, the terminal only operated flights to Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona.
  • On March 24 flights were scheduled to depart for Kiev, Oslo, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, London and Stuttgart.

Airlines, including Ryanair, Easyjet and have cancelled flights in the wake of the coronavirus, with reportedly hoping to begin flights once again, from May, on the outcome of the lockdown being lifted.

From March 25 Alicante-Elche airport flights will be limited to cargo planes, ambulances, emergencies – and passengers who have special authorisation. Following the coronavirus outbreak, that began in Wuhan China, and which quickly spread throughout the world, borders have been closed, with airports and ports in shutdown worldwide.

Following the Covid-19 crisis airports and airlines have put special measures in place.

The Spanish Government has placed conditions for the movement of people, in a bid to protect health, as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.

The British Government reportedly announced aid totalling 359.96 billion euros in guaranteed loans to the airline sector following the COVID-19 crisis.

The Aena network recorded 805 operations on Sunday, a decrease of 84% from the previous week, reported by Secretary General for Transport and Mobility, Maria José Rallo. On March 15 there were a reported 4,136 flights. On March 22 there were a total of 805 flights: “This gives an image of how mobility is falling,” said the secretary general.

On March 23 a closure of external borders in the Schengen area came into force, which although it allows the entry of residents of the European Union, will significantly reduce the number of connecting flights with third countries, being the provincial airport of the most affected in Spain, stated a report.

At Alicante-Elche airport, the terminal’s dock has been closed and work is underway; with parts of the processor building, where 8 boarding gates, out of the 26 are available.

For arrivals, only one part will be used in the baggage claim hall, with two baggage claim belts.

According to Aena, the measures are in place, to adapt the infrastructures to the passenger traffic that exists at the moment, to achieve more efficient management.

The only passengers that are allowed to enter are Spanish nationals returning home, and foreigners with legal residence.