The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has said this Monday that the state of emergency decreed by the Government will extend beyond the 15 days required by law because, in his opinion, two weeks will not allow Spain the “ability to win the battle” against the coronavirus.

In an interview in ‘Las mornas de RNE’, Ábalos explained that the Executive will seek ways to “extend this lockdown “that forces members of the public to stay at home apart from some exceptions.

“It is evident that we do not have an absolute calendar. But if we do not take especially harsh measures to stop the spread of the virus and therefore the impact on health and life … it would have no effect, “he said.

The Transport Minister said that the application of additional measures will depend on the “effectiveness” of those that have already been adopted. “If we are all responsible and act according to requirements, obviously they will have more effect,” he added.

Ábalos insisted that the government is “testing the effectiveness of the measures on an ongoing basis”, although they are not expected to have an immediate impact. “I do not think that in 15 days we will be able to win this battle,” he concluded.