On Sunday 1st we started with Club Finals. The first final was the Mixed Triples between Terry Morgan, Di Riley & Alan Barton and Melanie Highland, Jason & Peter Morgan. It was the former who secured the title for 2020. Onto the afternoon & once again Jason was involved, playing Mens Pairs with Chris Brazier against Tony Lale & Andy Reid. This time it was Jasons day, he & Chris played consistent bowls to take the title.

On Monday it was back to league bowling with the Pearls playing at home against Vistabella. They managed to win on 2 rinks and although another couple of the games were close they picked up just 4 points. Winning trips were Terry Morgan, Graham Phillips & Peter Morgan 17-15, Mel Highland, Sandra Heath & that man again, Jason 20-13.

In the afternoon the Diamonds travelled to Emerald Isle to play against the Moonrakers. The game was marred slightly by very strong gusty winds but the Diamonds managed to prevail and win on 3 and taking the overall by 13 shots for 8 points. Winning trips were Ken Gordon, Joe Brinton & Di Riley 21-11, Doug Beattie, Tina Brinton & Peter Bradbury 19-12, while Harry Johnston, Suzi Cooper & Jacqui Johnston had a big win 31-10.

Terry Morgan, Di Riley & Alan Barton
Terry Morgan, Di Riley & Alan Barton

On Wednesday the Winter League were hosts to La Siesta – winning on 3 & taking the overall for 8 points. Winning rinks were Brian Trinder, Tony Lale, Graham Phillips & Jason Prokopowycz 28-11, George Carnell, Kim Bowles, Brenda Rees & Sandra Heath 18-15, Mel Highland, June Moss, Di Riley & Peter Farrell 25-10.

Friday the Swallows were at home to San Miguel Bulldogs only losing on 1 trip for 12points. Winning trips were Chris Brazier, Phil Bevan & Jason Prokopowycz 21-13, Harry Johnston, Mark France & Jacqui Johnston 21-12, Dorothy Benson, Terry Morgan & Alan Barton 28-10, Cathy Skinner, Peter Farrell & George Skinner 22-15, Mel Highland, Bryan Elliott & Pearl Houghton 16-13.

Meanwhile the Swans had an afternoon match at Emerald Isle against the Outlaws. They also won 5 trips & the overall for 12 points. Winning trips Allen Bowen, Chris Bowles & Fay Beattie 17-12, Suzi Cooper, Peter Bradbury & Kim Bowles 22-10, Angie Goddard, Tina Brinton & Brenda Rees 21-10, Doug Beattie, Peter Rees & Joe Riley 17-15, Ken Gordon, Tony Lale & Trevor Voisey 22-17.

We would like to wish Chris Bowles & Terry Morgan good luck when they play for Spain in Cyprus.



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