Our bodies are constantly changing with the passage of time. This is for a number of reasons- because of what we eat, the way we move, we don’t move, family history in terms of health and body types, and so on. One thing is for sure though, we all want to have healthy bodies that help us to feel good, and it doesn’t hurt that it helps us to look good too! 

Something that many people struggle with is the stomach area. And you’ll find that it’s important to have a certain workout routine that focuses on this. Having proper core workouts is imperative to really get the stomach that you want.

To do so, you need to understand how this works. This is why it’s important to do research along with actively making it a point to change your lifestyle entirely. What we’ve done for you is made a list of the 8 most effective workouts that many athletes swear by to get that amazing flat stomach.


The plank is a standard when it comes to any athlete working their abs and towards a flatter stomach. You basically get into position as if you were about to do a push-up, and your hands and elbows on the floor, extend your legs and support on your toes. By extending your whole body, this proves to be a great workout to tighten all your muscles, especially your abs.

Start off by trying to hold it for 30 seconds, and then work your way up to a minute or more. Try to do this 3 times and once you feel you have it down, you can work on variations of different plank based exercises for your core.

Mountain Climber

The mountain climber is also another essential that all athletes cannot do without when it comes to stomach exercises. You take the standard plank positions, only this time you’re supporting your weight using your hands so that you are at an angle slightly. Then you start to bring each foot in simultaneously, bending your knees and letting the tips of your toes touch the ground as you bring each foot in as if you were climbing a mountain. This is a great core exercise that is used by many athletes to warm up.

Goblet Reverse Lunge

The goblet reverse lunge is actually known amongst athletes to be one of the strongest core exercises when it comes to ab workouts. The positioning and the bending of the legs are done in the opposite manner to that of a normal lunge, and this works the core pretty intensely.


The V-Up is great for working the abs along with the lower back and the hip as well. You need to lay down on your back, and then straighten your arms and lift your arms and legs in a manner where you end up making a V shape with your body. You should hold this for a bit. This not only strengthens your core, but it really helps in keeping your balance great.

Jump Rope

Athletes love to incorporate jump rope variations as a workout to help get better abs. While it doesn’t directly work on the abs per se, what it does is help burn off calories that do a great deal to show off the abs that you’re working on the building. This is something you should definitely include in your ab workout to really see the results of the effort you put in.

Medicine Ball Workouts

The medicine ball is a must-have for every athlete focusing on their abs. Medicine ball workouts include a number of variations that allow the right muscles to get worked to a point where you really are able to see results.

Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle crunch workout is super effective because they work on the lower abs and your obliques, which is something an athlete knows that you cannot miss out on. The issue is that many people tend to neglect the obliques, but they go a long way in effectively working your abs into shape. This is an easy workout where you simultaneously crunch into your stomach while moving your legs in a cycling motion. 

Russian Twist

By either holding, a medicine ball or a plate, twisting from side to side proves that the Russian twist is a workout you cannot miss out on when it comes to ab workouts. It works on many angles of the abs and is extremely effective.

If you make it a point to follow these 8 workouts that athletes swear by, you’re guaranteed to have a flatter belly in no time. Make sure that you stay committed and that you are doing the moves correctly to really see amazing results.