Audio specialist HARMAN is aiming to put an end to constant fiddling with the volume whenever you want to chat in the car. As part of its EV Plus+ Solutions, a suite of audio technologies created specifically for electric cars, Voice-Sensing Volume Fade can differentiate in-car communication from music, seamlessly adjusting the audio volume level down when conversations are taking place and automatically turning the music back up as soon as the conversation has finished.

This technology, available now for car makers, is one of a number of personalisation features that EV owners could choose from HARMAN’s Audio Marketplace, a new, cloud-based ecosystem that allows users to add and update in-vehicle audio, entertainment and communication features on-demand via Over-The-Air updates.

Other features include NatureScapes where HARMAN has partnered with the National Park Foundation in the US. Using authentic recordings, NatureScapes delivers fully immersive soundscapes into the car from locations including Yosemite Falls and Mammoth Dome so occupants can transform the stress of dense traffic or monotony of dull scenery with their choice of real sounds from nature.

HARMAN has also looked at making audio hardware more suitable for EVs. Ecotect ensures powerful audio performance with half the parts and boasts reduced weight, reduced complexity and reduced power consumption when compared to a traditional system.

“At HARMAN, we believe the next-generation of mobility should convert the time you spend in your car into time well spent – and electric vehicles are no exception,” said Bill Wyman, VP of Global Marketing, Lifestyle Automotive. “Environmental concerns are guiding purchase decisions more and more, but the demand for premium experiences hasn’t changed.

Through the ground-breaking delivery system of Ecotect that underpins EV Plus+ Solutions, we’re enabling automakers to fulfill these needs for their customers, without compromises, for the very first time.”