Due to the profits generated by the gambling industry, not many countries in the world can afford to outlaw it for the risk of losing out on a major source of revenue, as it is with Kenya betting sites, for example.

However, there are still some countries that have taken the extreme step and declared gambling illegal in their jurisdictions. Provided anyone is found staking their money on bets in these nations, they might end up facing stiff penalties.

#1: United Arab Emirates

Given the fact that Islam prohibits its followers from gambling, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most Muslim countries have outlawed gambling. Foremost among such nations is the United Arab Emirates, whose Penal Code’s Article 414 bars its residents from gambling.

#2: North Korea

Pretty obvious, right? In the land of Kim Jong Un, anything that is associated with the idea of free markets is outlawed. However, the restriction on gambling only holds for North Korean citizens. If you’re a tourist who is visiting the country on a guided tour, you can participate in this activity.

#3: Japan

It might be surprising for you to note that the world’s fifth-biggest economy prohibited all forms of gambling until recently. The recent changes in the company’s laws have allowed the Japanese to open casinos in resorts if the facility has a hotel, an international conference hall and an entertainment venue.

#4: Singapore

Although Singapore’s Common Gaming Houses Act allows public lotteries to function, the Private Lotteries act requires private lotteries to gain permission for specific events. Also, punters cannot engage in land-based sports betting in Singapore, though they could still wager their money in casinos which are granted exceptions by the Betting Act.

#5: Qatar

One of the richest countries on the planet, Qatar follows the lead of its neighbor, the United Arab Emirates, in declaring all forms of gambling illegal. There are some operators who do business underground but, if found by law enforcement authorities, they are given serious punishments.

#6: Cambodia

Cambodia is among one of the few countries on the planet whose citizens’ gambling addiction is well-recorded. Hence the reason why the country’s laws bar its citizens from engaging in any form of gambling, except state-supported gaming where people can place bets on private lotteries. Foreigners can still gamble in the country as the 1996 Suppression of Gaming Act doesn’t apply to them.