With steep discounts, these items will be sure to blow your socks off! If you’ve left your shopping till last minute, don’t worry as this list will keep you covered! Not to mention ill keep adding to it as often as I can! So, if you don’t fancy the deal on this page, scroll straight to the bottom and click the highlighted NEXT DEAL! And you’ll be whisked to page two of deals.

Now I won’t be able to go into detail about every item, but on every page there will be links to buy the item on Amazon where you can read the reviews, study up on the description or even surf the site yourself.

And remember, these deals were scooped up for you at Christmas so if your viewing this at any other time, the deal may have changed! But without further ado, I give you the BEST DEALS ON AMAZON Devices!

1.) All-new Blink XT2 | Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with Cloud Storage, 2-Way Audio, 2-Year Battery Life | 1-Camera System – 20% Off!

The Blink XT2 is a smart indoor/outdoor capable security camera. It has full smart capabilities that allow it to store all its footage on the cloud, meaning whether the camera malfunctions or worse.

All the video and even audio with its 2-way microphones will be safe on the cloud for you to watch in your own time! It also comes in multiple variant for different uses, whether you want to watch the cookie cupboard or Windsor castle, this Blink Camera cam become a Blink system in the blink of an eye….

No Power outside, no worries. With an amazon 2 year, yes two year, that’s 2 Christmas dinners, 2 thanks giving’s, 2 Easter Sundays, 2 birthdays, 730 days, 1 million 51 thousand 200 minutes or…. You get the point; it lasts a long time. And with built in Alexa control you don’t have to remember when it runs out, as your handy Amazon friend will let you know!

Talk to people at your door, around the corner or anywhere with the two-way audio, so even if you’re under 1 kilometre of sand in the Sahara you can talk to any unwanted intruders, or even the postman. (Wi-Fi or 4G necessary!)

With inbuilt motion sensors and tracking keep an eye on the guy or gal, or cat. What I mean is this camera will follow anyone or anything you want it to, to make sure it is keeping your castle safe.

With full HD day recording and even infrared HD night recording, you can always capture that special photo of your favourite Amazon delivery driver right down to his bright orange freckles, with HD you really can see everything. So, with Blink its like you never blink, it sees everything, everywhere all the time!

Its even waterproof so I can withstand snow, ice and even water, not that they are not the same thing or anything.

There are no tools required for installation, and its light to making putting it anywhere a breeze, weighing only 89 grams, that’s about the weight of an apple! So, what are you waiting for, don’t worry about watching your livelihood like a hawk, let Blink do it for you!

If you want to pick the blink up, read more on it or even browse amazon for the perfect something for you. Here’s a link that leads directly to blink!

2.) Introducing Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa, Black 38% Off!

Next on the List of the Best Amazon Devices is the Echo Show 5. Smart, Sleek and compact the Show 5 is your personal assistant with a screen.

With 2 colours to show the improved Alexa comes with a 5.5” inch smart display, ready and waiting to push your dreams to the front and display its ideas in a crisp display that speaks for itself.

With improved drivers the Show can make itself heard. Whether its reading recipes in your kitchen, playing movies for you to enjoy, display books for you to read or even keeping the little ones interested. The show is capable and waiting to shout out.

With its clever live lyric reading with Amazon Music you can really feel in the moment.

The Show was also specially designed to create an immersive environment for film trailers to with the new Amazon Channels program.

Being intertwined with many services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Channels, Kindle, Audible, Video, Body Coach, the Times and many more it is ready to show you all it can do!

You can even use Amazon Show to call anyone hands free from the UK and even links with your Vodafone account to make and answer mobile calls, which makes it perfect for the kitchen, lounge, office or den. Fully linked with Skype not only can you hear your phone friend; you can also see them.

Privacy has always been a big talking point with any smart devices and with the 5 there is a dedicated safe slider you can disable the Mics and Cameras with the slide of a button, and you have full control over all voice recordings. There’s even a cover that can be eased over your camera at any time to make your space private!

The amazon Echo Show 5 can also be combined with many other products like the smart nest thermometer system, ring doorbell and the Philips hue light bulbs amongst other things to make a truly smart home experience where all you need to control your home is your voice!

Alexa even has thousands of different skills available from helping you fall asleep with Sleep Sounds to magical Harry Potter Quizzes. With powerful ambient lighting the Show is developed to help you ease out of bed and start the day right. With its clever screen mimicking the sunrise, you wont wake to quickly or slowly with the Newer Better Echo. Our is currently used here for many of these uses, for time reading, audio book reading, recipe reading and loads more! It’s a great aid for kids bedtime reading too!

Alexa can we clever linked with Amazon Fresh which if you’ve never heard of it, is their clever system for ordering fresh food and veg and anything in between from Amazon itself. Combine that with Prime and you can get one day order on any food or drink item straight to your door! Good by supermarkets, no more waiting in annoying queues!

Al you do to set up for little helper is plug it in and connect it your Wi-Fi with the easier to use app. Its that simple! So, what are you waiting for, if you want to grab the Echo Show 5, read more about it or even just browse amazon yourself click here!

If you want to try out any of the services we have discussed here, just click the words and you’ll go straight to their page explaining everything in full!