Things have definitely changed over the past few decades after the advent of the internet. People are more aware of their rights, and they are also more vocal about claiming them. This has led to a more stable society where people are more at peace. Yet, for all the awareness out there, one thing many don’t have enough knowledge of, is their rights as workers.

The corporate world is a brutal machine, and sometimes that machine crushes employees. You would be surprised to hear about the average percentage of workplace injuries that happen around the year, for which you are completely entitled to get workers’ compensation. 

How often does it happen?

The average is every 7 seconds. Yes, you read correctly. Every 7 seconds, a worker is injured at the workplace, and unfortunately, most of those injuries can be prevented. Now, sometimes it’s the person’s own fault. Trying to lift heavy objects, which isn’t a part of your job, and doing it wrong can cause serious damage.

Sitting down for too long can lead to herniated discs and other back problems. Sometimes it’s even a person’s own clumsiness while bumping into a door or misusing a piece of equipment. Yet, many of the times, it is the company’s negligence that leads to an incident which might seriously injure the worker. 

What are the common injuries that happen due to the nature of the job? 

Getting to the part where it is not your fault, and it may be because of the nature of the job itself, there are several cases when injuries just come with the job. Overexertion is the most common example here. Workers that have to lift, push, carry, or even pull heavy objects experience this problem where they develop strains, sprains, and torn ligaments at the very least.

Over time, this type of injuries becomes debilitating and the workers might not be able to perform their job. Other jobs are hazardous by nature like construction sites, where it is very common for workers to fall from ladders or scaffolding. Even workers who have to drive long distances must endure a certain risk of getting in a car crash. 

What should you do in those cases? 

As mentioned earlier, millions of workplace injuries happen around the year. Plenty of them are going to be due to the nature of the job itself or because the company was negligent in providing safety to their workers. As explained here, in those cases, employees are eligible to worker compensation.

Now, this might seem easy to get, but the reality is often different. It is most likely that your company has an insurance policy covering all workplace injuries. If you’ve sustained one, the insurers will investigate the injury and try to determine if can be covered by the policy or not. While some cases are straightforward, plenty of others aren’t. 

Sometimes, the insurance company will try to demonstrate that it was your fault and the company isn’t liable to compensate you for any injuries. They will try to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve over your injuries. This is why getting an experienced lawyer is crucial in those cases. They need to have experience in a workers compensation cases as they pursue your full rights and try to get you maximum compensation for your suffering. 

What should you do after a workplace accident? 

For starters, you need to try and document everything after getting the necessary medical aid. And you should notify your superiors as soon as possible so they could start working on determining the reason behind the accident. You should do that while reaching out to an experienced attorney so they could start collecting evidence and file an insurance claim on your behalf. 

What happens if my claim is rejected? 

If your employers want to do it the hard way, you should consult with your attorney who will then file for a hearing with the workers’ compensation commission to make things right. The hearing will be scheduled a few months after your injury where both sides will present their case, which again brings us to the importance of hiring a competent attorney that would be able to properly represent your interests. 

The most important thing in those cases is looking after your own health. Get medical treatment as soon as possible, and it should be your company that covers your medical expenses since you were injured on the job. If your injuries weren’t that serious, notify your supervisor and document the case, and they would then refer you to a doctor of their choosing since the injuries weren’t that serious. 


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