There is a little element of pride that comes with towns, cities, and countries that have the world’s tallest buildings. That is why when the governing bodies of those places never skip a moment to remind the rest of the world that world’s tallest buildings. Today, we shall take a few minutes to help those towns, cities, and countries that have the tallest buildings in the world blow their horns.

Top Tallest Buildings in the World

The buildings that we mention may be the tallest buildings, for now, however, the competition is stiff. Therefore, other nations in the world are making sure that they build other buildings that surpass the ones that we will mention below. It’s like with best us casino sites games, once one game is released; others with better features follow soon after.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa was built in 5 years and was officially opened in 2010. Located in Dubai, the budget for this great piece of work was $1.5 billion. Adrian Smith was the architect who managed to bring into existence the 828m high building.

Shanghai Tower

Jun Xia, TJAD was the architect who created the Shanghai Tower in Shanghai. This building is a total of 632 meters and costs $4.2 billion, as reported by The Shanghai Tower was officially opened in 2014 and took 8 good years to build.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Standing at a whopping 601m is the Makkah Royal Clock Tower. The building is located in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The building took 7 years to build and was officially opened to the public in 2011.

Ping An Finance Tower

Located in China is the Ping An Finance Tower. The building stands proudly at 599 meters and is located in Shenzhen. Although the building was officially opened in 2015, the construction was completely finished in 2017.