Are you a fan of slots? If so, you are probably familiar with the scatter symbols. These symbols are very visible, as they are located on the reels. What makes these symbols so unique is they correspond with the slot machine’s theme. Scatter symbols play a major role in the winnings. If you are lucky enough to obtain all matching scatter symbols, you will win the jackpot. Below, you will discover more information about the uniqueness of scatter symbols in สล็อต.


Slot machines are designed to give players ample opportunities to win different amounts of money. While every player strives to hit the jackpot, most only win a few coins. When you pull the lever, the reel begins to spin. You can watch the scatter symbols spin at a very fast pace. As the reels begin to slow down, the scatter symbols become more visible. The player winnings are determined by the scatter symbols. Of course, it is more technical than that but for the player winning is all that matters.

Once the reel comes to a complete stop, the slot machine will calculate your winnings. Some slot machines are designed to pay out when the player spins three or more matching scatter symbols.


Avid players know the scatter symbols like the back of their hands. They know exactly what the symbols represent and how the slot machine works. The location of the scatter symbols does not really matter. It more about them matching. Scatter symbols will appear anywhere and it still does not matter. So, you do not need to focus on where they land. You can learn more about slot scatter symbols at online casinos, such as Maxbet.

Bonus Games

Not only can scatter symbols earn you a monetary payout but it can also earn you bonus games. In bonus games, the player has the opportunity to win money without placing another wager. It really depends on how the slot machine is designed as to the amount of the payout. But, most slot machines are designed in a similar manner because they are integrated with the same technology and components.

Free Spins

The scatter symbols can also represent free spins. Again, it really depends on how the slot machine is designed. Some slot machines are designed to give the player free spins when they get four scatter symbols. The number of free spins you win is determined by the casino or slot machine developer. Most slot machines are designed to payout 15 free spins when four scatter symbols appear on the board and 25 free spins with five scatter symbols.


As mentioned above, the design of scatter symbols vary from one slot machine to another. These features generally correspond with the slot machine’s theme. For example, if the theme is Egyptian, the symbols may be pyramids, the Spinx, or other hieroglyphic symbols. The scatter symbol design does not truly matter, it more about the number. The more scatter symbols you can get, the more money you will win. While you may not win the jackpot, you can earn a monetary payout, free spins, and bonus games.